ACET will host its 54nd Annual Conference

19-20 October 2018 at Baylor University

Waco, Texas

This year's conference theme is
 "Computer Science Education for ALL"
CyberSecurity Program Opportunities
How to Teach a Financial Data Mining Course
Higher-Education Track

The Challenges and Rewards of Leading Student Projects with External Industry Customers

Develop Programs for Option Contracts

Remote Embedded Systems Lab (student presentation)

Brewable: A Senior Project Experience (student presentation)

The Plotter Class – Using Graphics to Motivate Students in the Introductory Curriculum

Gamification of the CS1 Classroom

How LiFi Network Technologies will Change Our Lives

Active & Collaborative Learning in Computer Science Education

Online Python for non-CS Majors

Building the Big Data Cloud Computing Cluster for Hands-on Practice

K-12 Education Track

Keeping Up with Computer Science – Shifting the Focus to Computer Science for ALL

Teacher Training: What is Big-Oh really telling us

Teacher Training: Searching Algorithms

Teacher Training: Sorting Algorithms

What do you mean I have no budget?

Teacher Training: Value vs. reference parameters

Teacher Training: Iterative vs. Recursive Algorithm Design3

Teaching C and Java to High School and Junior High Students

How LiFi Network Technologies will Change our Lives