The magazine archive includes every article published in Journal of the ACET for over the past 10 years. Retaining papers published in the ACET Journal will allow useful source material for later analysis by people interested in studying research and educational articles in our journal.

2013 & 2014 (Vol.9)

  • - Incorporating Project Management Tools and Techniques to Manage Student Team Projects and the Influence of Leadership Styles

    - Author: Trisha D. Anderson, Ph.D., Thomas J. Bell III Ph.D.

  • - Teaching the Backtracking Method using Intelligent Games

    - Author: Anca Andrei , W. Ted Mahavier Ph.D.

  • - Teaching for Understanding in Computer Science Education

    - Author: William A. Booth, Ph.D.

2012 - 2013 (Vol.8)

  • - A Study to Identify Influences of Financial Aid on the Enrollment and Retention of Hispanic Students in Higher Education

    - Author: Dr. Charles McDonald, Jr., Dr. Theresa McDonald and Dr. Larry Davis

  • - Computational Thinking: Building a Model Curriculum

    - Author: William A. Booth, Greg Hamerly, David Sturgill, Ivy Hamerly, and Todd Buras

  • - Practical Considerations for Retaining High Quality Technical Instructors in the Texas Public Schools

    - Author: Dr. Richard Rose

  • - Social Network's Role in the Classroom for Collaborative Learning

    - Author: Hajar Sanders, PhD, and Laura Kabiri, PT, MS

2011 & 2012 (Vol.7)

  • - Developing a Three Tier Web Application Using ASP.NET and Open Source Object-Oriented Database db4objects

    - Author: Morris M. Liaw, Venkata Durbhakula, and Mahesh Molakalapalli

  • - Benchmarking Comparison of VMware Workstation and Sun VirtualBox OSE

    - Author: Mark Revels and Mark Ciampa

  • - Coaching Style Teaching Strategy in Hands-on IS Courses

    - Author: Bahadir K. Akcam

  • - SAT-MATH an Indicator of Gain or Loss in STEM Majors

    - Author: Reni Abraham

  • - Software Design, a 2011 Primer

    - Author: Sharon Andrews White and Muhammad "Tuan" Amith

  • - The Social Network Hiatus

    - Author: Hajar Sanders

2009 - 2010 (Vol.6)

2007 (Vol.5)

  • - Keeping Up With a Global IT Workforce

    - Author: Sharon Perkins Hall

  • - Choosing a Web Based Homework Delivery System

    - Author: Nancy Leveille

  • - Microsoft Media Stream Technology and Online Media Teaching

    - Author: Delin Tan, PhD

  • - OSSIM - An Operating System Simulator

    - Author: Richard M. Reese., PhD

2006 Fall(Vol.4)

  • - A Model for Developing Internet-based Course Samples for Successful E-Marketing to Recruit and Retain Students

    - Author: Shohreh Hashemi and Gail Kellersberger

  • - Six Experience-based Guidelines for Successful Synchronous Chat

    - Author: Jan Ray and Candace Figg

  • - Socio-Economic Disparity and Technology Use in the Urban Classrooms

    - Author: Emiel Owens, Holim Song and Terry T. Kidd

  • - The Laptop Component in the Learners' Community

    - Author: Merrilee Cunningham, Ruth Robbins and Deborah Buell

2005 Fall (Vol.3)

  • - IT Workforce: A Review of Employment Trends

  • - A Comparison of CIS Degree Programs

    - Author: Ruth Robbins

  • - From Outline To Powerpoint in Thirty Minutes!

    - Author: Sol Schneider

  • - The Identity Theft Crisis Has Arrived!

    - Author: Charles R. B. Stowe, Kenneth Balusek, and Keith Jenkins

  • - A Web Database Development Course and a Unique Problem-Solving Project

    - Author: Charles R. Moen and Morris M. Liaw

  • - Supporting an Information Systems Curriculum with a Management Science Course

    - Author: Scott J. Seipel

  • - A Framework for the Study of Technology Supported Education

    - Author: David Van Over

2004 Summer (Vol.2)

  • - A Multimedia Online Computer Literacy Course: Development and Preliminary Evaluation

    - Author: Lila Ghemri, Samuel K. Lau, Roger R. Mepewou, and Baqui Abdullah

  • - Use Of Low-Cost Beowulf Clusters In Computer Science Education

    - Author: Timothy J. McGuire

  • - Open Source and Open Standards in Higher Education

    - Author: Anand Kumar Chauhan

  • - Spam is Not Delicious - An Update on the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

    - Author: Charles R. B. Stowe

  • - The Online Grade Book - A Case Study in Learning about Object-Oriented Database Technology

    - Author: Charles R. Moen and Morris M. Liaw

  • - Building Student Forums with PHP and MySQL Technologies

    - Author: Rambis Chu and Etta F Walker

2003 Summer (Vol.1)

  • - A Preliminary Report on TNMS: TCU’s Network Management System

    - Author: C. Thomas Nute and L. Donnell Payne

  • - Developing a MIS Major and Support Facilities: A Unified Project

    - Author: Gary Fisher

  • - Message-Passing as an Introduction to Distributed Processing In the Undergraduate Curriculum

    - Author: Timothy McGuire

  • - E-Commerce Contracts Enforceability

    - Author: Keith Jenkins

  • - The Role of Technologies in a Modern Urban Higher Educational Institution

    - Author: Steve A. Reames

  • - ADA and Website Compliance

    - Author: Charles R. B. Stowe