ACET Journal of Computer Education





     Volume 6

ISSN: 1547-3716

    Number 1





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Table of Contents



From the Editor

Shohreh Hashemi


A Technology-based Solution to Reduce Time Spent Identifying

Charles L. McDonald, Jr., Ph.D. and Theresa McDonald, Ph.D


An Effective Methodology for an Upper-level Fundamentals of Database Systems Course

Charles L. McDonald, Jr., Ph.D. and Theresa McDonald, Ph.D


An Introduction to Digital Forensics

Irma Resendez, Pablo Martinez, and John Abraham


Assigning IP Addresses To Routers

John P. Abraham and Mary T. Walker


E-Gov Security Models

Dr. Richard A. McMahon


From Walls to Step - Using Online Automatic Homework Checking Tools to Improve Learning in Introductory Programming Courses

Dwayne Towell and Brent Reeves


Getting an Education in Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Akhtar Lodgher, Ph.D.


Getting Computer Science Majors: What are we missing?

Lisa Burnell Ball


Integrating XBRL into the Accounting Curriculum

David E. Magolis, Mark Law, Mark L. Usry, Gary Robson, A. Blair Staley, and Wilmer Leinbach


Mentorship - A Bridge to Retention

Li-Jen Shannon and Ken Hartness


Shifting To The Inevitable Reality of the Online Classroom in the Public School - A Practitioner's Model

Richard Park and Richard "Rick" Lumadue, PhD


Sustainable Peer-Led Teaching Activities in Computing Sciences

Carol Binkerd and Mehrube "Ruby" Mehrubeoglu, Ph.D.


The Online Classroom at Cross Purposes with Higher Education Pros and Cons Dos and Don'ts

Richard "Rick" Lumadue, PhD, David Danforth and Richard Park