ACET Journal of Computer Education




Volume 2

ISSN: 1547-3716

Number 1





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Table of Contents

From the Editor

Charles R. B. Stowe

A Multimedia Online Computer Literacy Course: Development and Preliminary Evaluation

Lila Ghemri, Samuel K. Lau, Roger R. Mepewou, and Baqui Abdullah

Use Of Low-Cost Beowulf Clusters In Computer Science Education

Timothy J. McGuire

Open Source and Open Standards in Higher Education

Anand Kumar Chauhan

Spam is Not Delicious - An Update on the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003

Charles R. B. Stowe

The Online Grade Book - A Case Study in Learning about Object-Oriented Database Technology

Charles R. Moen and Morris M. Liaw

Building Student Forums with PHP and MySQL Technologies
Rambis Chu and Etta F Walker